Dance Ableton Template (Axollo, Osrin)

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Dance Ableton Template (Axollo, Osrin)

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Dance Project this Ableton 10 Template, inspired by artists such as Axollo, Osrin and other artists in this genre and their musical techniques, sounds, tricks and tips.

This template is focused on groove drop, groove house structure, synths, kick & bass, percussion groove, with a lot information.

⚙ Template Feature:

🎚 DAW: Ableton Live 10.1.4 or higher

🎸 VST Plugins: Massive v1.4.0 or higher, ShaperBox (Volumeshaper 5) v1.0.1 or higher (If you don't have ShaperBox you can use Kickstart first preset.) Invisible Limiter (Master) Or any of you limiter, and add +6.28 input volume.

🎹 Key: G Minor

🥁 BPM: 115

⏱️ Length: 2:30

💡 Genre: Dance

🎤 Vocal: Splice Sample

✉️ On all questions: vesezzi@gmail.com

I want this!
Ableton Live (Suite Only)
v10.1.4 or higher
VSTi Synths
Massive v1.4.0 or higher
VST Plugins
ShaperBox (Volumeshaper 5) v1.0.1 or higher, Invisible Limiter
48 MB