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Melodic Techno Ableton Template (Hots on Fire) (ARTBAT, Cassian, Chris Avantgarde Style)

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Hots on Fire - is a Melodic Techno Project for Ableton Live inspired by ARTBAT, Cassian, Chris Avantgarde and if you need similar sound, drums, synths, bass, groove, percussions and many other things of producing melodic techno track you need this project.

🎚 DAW: Ableton Live v10.1.4 or higher

🎸 VST Plugins: Ableton Live Stock Effects & Synths, xfer serum v1.306 or higher, Kickstart v2, T-Racks De-Esser.

🎹 Key: E Minor

🥁 BPM: 127

⏱️ Length: 7:03

💡 Genre: Melodic Techno

🎤 Vocal: Vocal (Not Royalty Free): (PL_TEDMV1_1_02_Acapella_128_Main_Dry) (or Loopcloud) This vocal now not available on Splice Samples (but before there was still). Other vocal from Splice Samples

- This project file is for educational purposes only!

- Not for a label release!

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Last updated Oct 28, 2023

Ableton Live (Suite Only):
Ableton Live v10.1.4 or higher
VSTi Synths:
xfer serum v1.306 or higher
VST Effects:
Kickstart v2, T-Racks De-Esser.
25.9 MB

Melodic Techno Ableton Template (Hots on Fire) (ARTBAT, Cassian, Chris Avantgarde Style)

0 ratings
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