ShaperBox 1 & 2 (Volumeshaper 5 & 6 Presets) (KSHMR, Mesto, JAGGS)

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Kickstart and other presets for ShaperBox(Volumeshaper5). If you want the presets from the Kickstart to his Volumeshaper5 these presets for you.

It is 7 basic presets of Kickstart, as well as some others such as KSHMR the presets of his projects. 

Clean presets are already divided on mulitband strip ( and the same only with a sidechained wave). And some presets from me.

If you used AU. This not work on AU plugin, only VST

Added presets guys like Bassjackers, Dannic, JAGGS, J. Eskar, Maddix, Martin Garrix, Mesto, Row Rocka

Presets work now on version:

ShaperBox v1.0.1 (Volumeshaper 5)

ShaperBox v2.1 (Volumeshaper 6)


1. If you have MAC (OSX) then use the VST version plugin it is possible to load a preset .fxp format:

2. Click this button and select preset.

  • ShaperBox
    v1.0.1 (Volumeshaper 5), v2.1 (Volumeshaper 6)
  • ShaperBoxv1.0.1 (Volumeshaper 5), v2.1 (Volumeshaper 6)
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ShaperBox 1 & 2 (Volumeshaper 5 & 6 Presets) (KSHMR, Mesto, JAGGS)

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