Afro House Ableton Template (Tribal Jungle)

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Tribal Jungle - this afro house ableton template inspired by Kususa, Black Coffee, QueTornik and and other artists of this genre. This Project made in Ableton Live 10.1.4 or higher with only stock Ableton Effects and Synths to study of producing Afro House Track.

This project is ideal for those who are looking for inspiration, or who are looking for a base for changes to suit their idea and taste.

🎚 DAW: Ableton Live v10.1.4 or higher

🎸 VST Plugins: Ableton Live Stock Effects & Synths, Orchestral Brass pack.

🎹 Key: A Minor

🥁 BPM: 124

⏱️ Length: 7:25

💡 Genre: Afro House

🎤 Vocal: Splice Sample

Enjoy, and don't forget rate this project!

#AbletonTemplate #AfroHouse #AbletonProject

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Afro House Ableton Template (Tribal Jungle)

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